Matthew Deutsch

I am a mining engineer with experience in optimization, coordinate geometry, and open pit mine planning and scheduling. I primarily write code for other mining engineers and geologists. This is my personal website. I hope you find something marginally interesting to you.

The remaining webpages on this site are devoted to a select few of my personal and professional projects:

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About me

As of May 2022 I am still finishing my PhD and working on developing a wide variety of software for the mining industry. Mineflow is a commercial strength open source ultimate pit optimizer.

In September 2018 I enrolled in the Mining Engineering department at the Colorado School of Mines in a PhD degree program. I am working on adding minimum mining width constraints to ultimate pits and mine schedules.

In June 2014 I joined Maptek, where I am still working on a variety of projects. I've implemented several options in Vulcan most notably the Grade Control Optimizer, the Automated Pit Designer, principal component analysis, and many different CAD tools.

While I was completing my bachelor of science degree in mining engineering at the University of Alberta I worked at the Centre for Computational Geostatistics where I implemented several programs for geostatistics and mine planning. I also worked at Suncor as a summer student in reclamation and capital portfolio management. - © Matthew Deutsch. All rights reserved.